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Site Reliability Engineer

Are you our new specialist in the Site Reliability Engineering team? We are looking for an engineer that will make sure that our applications are secure, stable, performing well, but who also knows the way around web development technologies in general. Can you explain why a solution is the right one and do you support decision making in the team? 

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About Emesa

“Emesa?”, don't worry, there is a possibility you may have never heard of us. Emesa is based in Amsterdam and the driving force behind the high traffic and real time auction platforms VakantieVeilingen and Vavabid. The deal platforms Actievandedag and Ticketscout complete our portfolio of e-commerce platforms. With APIs totaling hundreds of millions of calls/month, websites handling tenths of millions of page views, mobile applications installed on millions of devices and desire to expand, we need your help to improve, develop and achieve our ambitions.

Our achievements didn't go unnoticed and now we are proud to be part of the Talpa Network. As a part of the biggest media group of the Netherlands, Emesa belongs to a select group of companies that reach the Dutch crowd with innovative and entertaining content every day.

We are planning to scale and take over Europe within the foreseeable future. 

The IT & Development department

Our IT & Development department consistent of 50 engineers from all over the world. We work in small teams which we call cells. Each team contains 3-4 people and is led by a Cell Captain (Scrum Master). Every team is responsible for a specific component or multiple components within our IT landscape.

Each engineer in Emesa is responsible for deploying his or her own code. You will be working with experienced experts who help you develop your knowledge and grow as an engineer.

What you will be doing?

In short, as a Site Reliability Engineer at Emesa you will make sure that our applications are secure, stable, performing well and therefore fulfil our Service Level Objectives.

  • Automate and enhance our platform using the latest technologies, e.g. AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, LXD/Docker;

  • Keep the company up to date with modern tools and practices (focusing on security, monitoring and development process in the world of Continuous Delivery);

  • Be the commander during incidents by pro-actively driving the resolution.

You are going to be doing this in an extremely changing environment where our landscape is going to scale up from ~20 services in 2018 to >50 services by the end of 2020.

How will you be doing this?

By joining us you will become a member of SRE team, that takes care of Emesa Platform with many applications, systems and services. Other members of your team also have a background in software engineering or systems administration or both.

On a daily basis you are going to cooperate with various software development teams of Emesa by supporting people but also challenging them when it comes to security, monitoring and other important aspects of development operations.

You will also be involved in modelling sessions and brainstorms with other stakeholders like product owners, architects and others, by contributing with your knowledge and experience into decision support.

What is needed for this?

  • University/bachelor level degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering or Mathematics. Equivalent experience can substitute this; 

  • You are strongly self-motivated, and believe that 'ownership' and 'responsibility' are not just the buzzwords; 

  • Deep knowledge of web fundamentals (HTTP, DNS, Web security); 

  • Working knowledge of the TCP/IP stack, internet routing and load balancing; 

  • Experience with Linux (with good understanding of common operating systems concepts); 

  • Programming experience (debugging, profiling, testing) with one or more scripting languages (PHP, NodeJS, Python, incl. popular frameworks) and desire to explore others;

It would be a big plus if you...

  • Have experience with systems design for high-traffic and high-availability (load balancing, caching, database design, deployment etc.);
  • Have experience with public cloud platforms (AWS);

  • Are fluent in SQL (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL);

  • Love and apply 'Infrastructure as Code' in your daily work (e.g. Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform);

  • Found your way with message brokers (RabbitMQ) & data streaming (Apache Kafka);

  • Have experience with tools/products/technologies like Apache Cordova, Flask, Keycloak, Rundeck, Apache Airflow, HAProxy, Apache Solr, Symfony, Socket.IO, Robot Framework, Selenium, InfluxDB, Grafana, Sentry, Newrelic, Zabbix, Prometheus, Pingdom, Odoo.

What can you expect from us?

  • An excellent salary and pension plan.
  • Relocation package 
  • A team of intelligent people that will help you grow & challenge you.
  • An environment that encourages people to reach their professional potential.
  • Bi-monthly hackathon day-long events to bring to life/invent/trial/compete/present your ideas about technology (work related or not)!
  • Hone your presentation & technology know-how and share it with your colleagues by taking part in the quarterly EmesaTalks presentations

Are you interested?

Would you like to join our team? Please apply online via the button below. For more information check the Emesa company website and our labels,,,, and

Our communities

Developing yourself in our Academy.

Working out with your colleagues.

Having breakfast with our CEO.

Listening to inspiring e-commerce stories.

Contributing to innovative e-commerce initiatives.

Awesome parties and drinks.

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